The Merfield Estate hails from Saxon influence in English history, where noble families held seats as Lords of the Manor. Family collections are almost unparalleled in terms of range and continuity, with superb pieces having emerged centuries after being concealed in attics and storerooms of great British country houses. Merfield are proud to feature a handful of works from their permanent collection, including paintings by notable practitioners, Courbet, Cezanne, Monet, and Picasso. Although such important works of art are not available for purchase, Merfield continue to enrich the international art scene by exhibiting overlooked major works, in art historical contexts. Each important piece has a comprehensive analysis, compiled by contributors and scholars, providing information to researchers and resources for those seeking to refine their collections.  For individuals or institutions interested in expanding their knowledge on a particular work of art, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Merfield continue to build upon their collection through private acquisitions, while introducing a Contemporary Art feature that represents, curates, and participates in exhibitions by a diverse range of artists. Through a dedicated global program, contemporary works of art are integrated with the works of famous past masters. This engaging dynamic creates a dialogue between past and present, old, and new, tradition and innovation. The focus is on showing inspiring contemporary works and relevant artists in new illuminating contexts – serving to advance art legacy and meet the needs and desires of discerning collectors. While the activities of Merfield have turned almost exclusively to dealing in contemporary art, the program effectively caters for a clientele with a wide range of interests, reflecting individuality and tastes. Merfield is a significant point of reference for the international art market, offering original, visually powerful, universal works from a selection of mid-career and established Contemporary Artists. 

As collectors and custodians of museum quality pieces, Merfield recognises the value vibrant artists bring to communities. Discovering, acquiring, and living with great works of art brings enormous gratification and a shared passion for art with a global network of like-minded art enthusiasts. Our philosophy is about establishing long-term commitment to our clients, focusing on their interests, and building strong relationships with Art Institutions, Corporations, and Collectors. At Merfield, we pride ourselves on our courteous and friendly service and look forward to assisting with your enquiries. 

Conducting research into the history of works of art is an integral part of the Merfield establishment. Each piece in the collection is carefully documented and vetted by our team of experts, contributors, and researchers. Merfield have sought out those who are amongst the finest, most knowledgeable group of professionals in the Fine Art and Antiquities industry. Each consultant is selected for their valuable expertise in the field. Associates include Graham Geddes – Antiques and Antiquities, Charles Leski – Leski Auctions, Sotheby’s, Christies, Bonhams, Leonard Joel, Barnebys and others. Merfield have consulted with recognised experts, including Marjorie Ho – East West Art, Anne Roberts – Sotheby’s, Catherine Asquith – Art Advisory, Richard Nagy – London Art Dealer, Carl Wantrup – Asian Works of Art, Yvette Klein – Asian Art Specialist Bonhams, Luke Guan – Asian Art Specialist,  – Catherine Ricketts – Accredited Government Valuer & Oriental Specialist, Joe Castagno – Artist’s Signature Expert and others.