Merfield’s purpose is to discover the world’s most talented artists and introduce pivotal artists to a new generation of audiences through the establishment of an intimate online space presenting large-scale surveys of Contemporary Art. Merfield represent and exhibit a world-class roster of the finest mid-career and established artists that work across several disciplines – including painting, photography, and sculpture, covering the spectrum of contemporary media, materials, and processes. The Artists represented are conceptually rigorous, innovative, and experimental and combine conceptual integrity with incredible mastery of their medium. 

In keeping with Merfield’s philosophy, the permanent collection constitutes the very core of the establishment, no matter how far-reaching activities may be. That is why the program emphasizes a dialogue between Contemporary Art and Historical Art, in confrontation with one another and in opposition of qualities yet to be fully discovered. The focus is to show vibrant, thought-provoking, high quality Contemporary Art that inspire and captivate, together with the works of past century artists of international renown. By bridging the gap between contemporary and historical spheres, plays a critical role in engaging visionary work with audiences worldwide – cultivating creative thought and connecting investors and communities with the art they appreciate and love. Contemporary works are presented though viewing rooms, exhibitions and participation in fairs and galleries. Exhibitions are curated in line with Merfield’s core principles and tightly focused one-person shows. This is the basis for effectively championing artists who create ground-breaking and challenging forms of visual expression, while exploring conceptual approaches. The works of our internationally acclaimed Artists can be found in Europe, the United States and private museums and collections around the world. 

Active in both primary and secondary markets, Merfield works with a fluid, intuitive approach that invites collaboration with artists, curators, leading art collectors, museums, and galleries, in supporting and showcasing some of the most influential artists today. Clients include Private Collectors, Investors, Corporations and Art Institutions. Merfield showcases, as well as commissions projects with artists who use a variety of mediums, including, but not limited to drawing, painting and sculpture. As part of Merfield’s exemplary service, Artwork and bespoke Commissions are delivered on time and within allocated budgets. 

Merfield produces a range of catalogues, monographs, scholarly essays, art writing, criticism, and books, in close collaboration with artists. The distribution of literature is key to improving the accessibility of Contemporary and Historical Art in our inventory. This process includes contributions by prominent, international Art Historians, Curators and Writers, with a focus on inviting new voices to the art historical canon. 

The permanent collection is conceived as an integrated whole that may be continuously enhanced in response to Contemporary Art. Merfield refines their collection by periodically reviewing its holdings to determine whether there are any artworks that are appropriate to deaccession, to improve the collection. Any deaccessioning undertaken by the establishment is done in accordance with the Merfield’s collection management policy. All proceeds from the sale of deaccessioned works are reinvested into art acquisitions.

By registering your interest and becoming a Merfield VIP, our members receive exclusive access to Merfield’s catalogue of exciting, relevant Artists! In addition, Members obtain first option to purchase limited edition works, and through our Viewing Rooms, preview visually spectacular exhibits, unreleased to the public. As Merfield unveil important and thought-provoking Contemporary works that inspire and captivate, Collectors and Art enthusiasts will enjoy a unique, immersive experience and an avenue for exploration and discovery! Merfield offer customized private consultation and can broker a sale at a pace that suits you. We invite Private Collectors, Corporate Clients and interested Merfield VIP Members to learn more about upcoming shows, important acquisitions and buying opportunities, by simply contacting us at your convenience.